"Do It for the Band: The Women of the Sunset Strip"

Written & directed by Lisa Cole and presented by Vh1 as part of their Rock Doc Series, "Do it For the Band" is a one-hour doc set in the 1980s on the Sunset Strip. Narrated by video vixen, Bobbie Brown (aka The Cherry Pie girl), the story details five women who played key roles behind the scenes in helping a group of musicians - Steven Adler, Axl, Bret Michaels, Nikki Sixx, the bad boys of WASP and Jani Lane - transform from metal misfits to the glam gods of rock. Awarded "Rock Doc of the Year" - FAME/LA Music Awards 2009.

Quotes from the show:
"Behind very good or bad man, there's a woman" - Vicky Hamilton, manager Poison & GN'R "...these bands, they were the ones. And the women who were beside them, behind them or on top of them... they were the inspiration. So give them props because they deserve it." - Lonn Friend former editor, RIP magazine

Premieres: April 2009 on Vh1 and Vh1 Classic


American Gangster

"American Gangster"

"American Gangster," is a six-part documentary series that premiered on BET November 29, 2006.  Each hour-long program chronicles the life and times of one of Black America's most notorious crime figures including: Leroy Nicky Barnes, "Freeway" Ricky Ross, The Chambers Brothers, Fat Cat Nicholas and Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Their crimes are shown in context of how their actions both reflected and corrupted the values of their community.

Episode: "American Gangster" "The Chambers Brothers"
Produced & Edited by Mark Monroe